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Words 2: Word harder


An implementation of Codenames Duet by Vlaada Chvatil written in Clojure/Clojurescript. Duet is a 2-player variant of Codenames with an altered (in my opinion, better) ruleset. This is much more fully featured than words 1, with more-or-less full customization on game creation – you can change tile quantities, upload your own list of words to use, change the total number of turns, etc.

Live server running here! (It's on Heroku, so give it a minute to spin up)



A new implementation of Powerline for Emacs. As compared to the existing version, telephone-line features greater extensibility – it is possible to add your own modeline segments, reorder them, add more, customize separators, and more!

Pictured is a very standard powerline theme, but there are many more separators included.



An implementation of Codenames by Vlaada Chvátil using Elixir+Phoenix for the backend and Elm for the frontend. This was mostly a learning project for the aforementioned technologies, but this is actually a fully functioning game! There are a few issues (check github), but you can play complete games.


An Emacs plugin that shares your current buffer via email or SMS.

Won 3rd place at the Spring 2015 HackRU!



Independent Study project. We observed the occupancy of a bus route directly, then attempted to develop a reliable estimate by analyzing the data with various heuristics. The initial data was gathered via tcpdump, and the graphs were produced using Pandas+Numpy.



A crowdsourced captcha solver which raises money for charity. The project wasn't quite finished, but it still made for a nice presentation.

Won "Restored Faith In Humanity" at the Spring 2014 HackRU!



A maze generator for Minecraft using email threads to determine the shape.

Won "Best Use of the Context.IO API" at the Fall 2013 HackRU!